H_art the Band's Mordecai finally addresses Sol Generation move

Mordecai addressees H_art the Band's alleged breakup after deal with Sol Generation

H_art the Band
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H_art the Band's founder and lead singer Mordecai Mwini has finally addressed speculations that the band might be dissolving following his new contract agreement with Sol Generation Publishing.

In a video shared across his socials, the multi-talented poet, painter, and skilled guitarist, addressed his multitude of fans thanking them for the love and support as he shared the trajectory H_art the Band intended to take as well as music plans.

"First of all thank you for all the congratulatory messages you guys have been sending me I appreciate it and in the same light I have realized that there have been rumours going round that Mordecai Dex has left H_Art The Band," started off the award-winning singer.

Mordecai, who has been making music for more than a decade now went on to assure netizens that his band was still intact, revealing that they were actually working on new projects that were sure to entice them.

H_art the Band
Image: Courtesy

"I thought it very necessary to come here and clarify that, so I have not left H_Art The Band, H_Art The Band is very much alive and we are working on new music that you guys need to watch out for," said the lead singer.

Speaking in bits on what his contract with Sol Generation, entailed Dex voiced that it was specifically a distribution agreement, underscoring his continued involvement with H_Art The Band.

He reminded netizens that on top of being a talented vocalist and lyricist he was also a producer and songwriter, top qualities that make him very sought out.

"What I signed was a publishing contract and what some of you guys don't know is that I am a songwriter and producer for other artists.

There is music that I do outside of Hart The Band and that is the catalogue that Sol Generation is going to be handling for me,"said Dex in his video.

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