Mike Sonko last born daughter Thicky Sandra.
Image: Instagram

Former Nairobi governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko's daughter Sandra Mwanaidi Mbuvi has shared her bride price.

Through her Instagram stories Thicky Sandra posted a Q&A sticker asking her over 138k followers to engage with her giving them a forum to ask any burning questions they might have in regard to her life.

Following this netizens jumped on the opportunity curious to know more about the social media influencer's love life.

Top of the questions was whether the campus student was dating and what her set dowry price was.


"How much is your dowry, my love?" a curious unidentified Instagram user asked.

Responding to the question Sonko's last born daughter went on to highlight an exuberant list of demands that apparently her parents have set as her bride price.

"My parents want five lions, three choppers, 22 Bentley's, four rovers and 500 million pounds," wrote the media personality while responding to the QnA sticker. 


The said cash amount translates to Sh87,869,326,651.

On whether she was currently in a relationship or seeing someone Thicky Sandra intimated that she was single noting that relationship seemed to derail her.

"Relationships slow me down, they slow down my vision," wrote former governor Sonko's daughter.

Speaking about specifications of what she would fancy in her ideal man Sandra emphasized that height was a non-negotiable factor.

"What's your ideal height for any guy you'd date?" a curious Instagram user asked.

To which the 24 year old responded "6'0+ (6 feet plus)"

Sandra graduated last year from St. Austins Academy class of 2023. Sharing photos of the big deal on her page she captioned, "chapter 5/6, cheers,"

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