Kim Kardashian and Bianca Censori spotted together

Kim Kardashian and Australian architect and model, wife to rapper Kanye West, Bianca Censori were spotted together during Kanye's album listening party in San Francisco.

Amidst a gathering of people, Kim and Bianca were seen standing behind a police barrier, swaying to the infectious beats of Kanye's highly anticipated album 'Vultures 2'.

Kim was accompanied by her children - Chicago (6) and Psalm (4) - at the event, whom she shares with Kanye. They are also parents to North (10) and Saint (8).

The video clip showed that the women were not very talkative with each other.

Kim's appearance at the event came as a shock in the wake of her reported disapproval of Kanye's continued public outbursts about their parenting disagreements.

Netizens have been left stunned by the occurrence as Kim is Kanye's ex-wife while Bianca is the current wife.

Kim's decision to watch her ex-husband Kanye West's concert alongside his new wife, Bianca Censori, was part of a 'concerted effort' by the reality star to put on a 'united front a source exclusively told

The insider continued that, "Kanye‘s criticism of Kim, such as issues with schooling, does not get in the way of her showing up and putting her children first."

'Kim has not been present much at her ex-husband‘s events, but she really wanted to show a united front for herself and for her kids.'

The source added: 'Seeing Kanye in his element is what she loved about him and she’s glad to see that he is in his zone right now."

About Bianca's dressing the insider shared that Kim is," very aware of the criticism that Bianca receives over her clothing, but she is also appreciative of the fact that when she is around her children, she layers up more,'"


karamel_kreyol Kim is so happy, Kanye is not her problem anymore

kathiebennett79   Kim Kardashian does everything in her power to be supportive of her children’s father 100% 🫶🏼Beautiful People 💎💎

ricardopagan  Keep your friends close enemies closer.

ifysworld_  Kim is literally the best human. She has a very kind heart. Kanye don't deserve her kindness but she still shows him

monarc333    Kim realizes she has a daughter and cannot lose her to him.

yvettegurl46   Kim cares nothing about Kanye & his wife. But if it is supporting her children she will be the bigger person. Kanye, Bianca & Kim have to co parent!!!

baker_t14   Letting the kids see that healthy relationship between them is so important for those kids! It takes a real Mom who’s not selfish to do this!

andre.anderson.758  This just keeps getting weirder every day