Lovy Longomba celebrates late brother during his 3rd death anniversary

Prophet Lovy Longomba pays tribute to late brother during 3rd death anniversary

Prophet Lovy
Prophet Lovy
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Former Longombas member turned preacher Dr. Lovy L. Elias popularly now known as Prophet Lovy is eulogizing his brother Christian Longomba who passed away 3 years ago.

The U.S.-based Kenyan preacher took to his socials to pay tribute to his late brother who succumbed to a brain tumour.

Lovy shared how losing his brother was one of the hardest things he has ever encountered in life. While eulogizing his brother the US based preacher noted he deeply missed his brother.


"03/13/2021 was one of the most difficult days of my life but the Grace of God kept me. I miss you Christian," wrote Prophet Lovy as he marked the third anniversary of his brother's passing.

The late Christian was a beloved father of two. He left behind two son's Prince and Eli. The veteran Kenyan artist lost his life after a battle with injuries sustained from a brain tumour surgery that he underwent back in 2015.

Speaking about his brother's passing Lovy dispelled rumours that his brother died from a cancerous tumour.


"The tumor wasn’t cancerous, it was malignant but stage 4 meningioma...so they took the tumor out but it was so big, really big," the preacher explained in a previous interview.

He went on to note that although the tumour had been successfully removed after a surgery done in 2015, it left a significant damage to Christian's brain tissue, leading to a lot of complications in the years that followed.

"The overall damage to the brain...caused a lot of things," Lovy added while shedding light on the challenges his brother went through following  the aftermath of the surgery.

Despite the devastating loss, Lovy notes he found solace in the grace of God that has been sustaining him through the unbearable loss.

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