Pastor James Ng'anga

Televangelist Pastor James Ng'anga has shared woes that have currently befell one of his other sources of income causing him stress.

According to the Neno Evangelism preacher, his hotel is not doing well financially due to some "strict" rules that he operates it by.

Speaking to his congregation the pastor lamented that Christians don't spend nights out in hotels while the other people were not interested in bringing business to his facility as it lacked things that entice them.


James Ng'ang'a strongly feels the fact that he has ensured his establishment does not sell alcohol, drugs such as marijuana (popularly referred to as weed) and condoms is the main reason why people are shying away from frequenting it. 

Niko na hoteli yangu. Lakini haifanyi vizuri kwa sababu siuzangi bangi na condom na pombe.

(I have a hotel that I own but it's not doing well because I don't sell bhang, condoms, and alcohol," the televangelist shared gloomily.


He went on to advise his fellow pastors to learn from his mistakes and avoid constructing hotels. Instead, he encouraged them to put up rentals and apartments as that is bound to be far more fruitful. 

"Christians do not sleep at hotels. Wakistro ata wakienda wanalala kwa madungu zao,” Ng’ang’a shared.

Before adding;

Kama wewe ni pastor usije ukajenga hoteli, jenga nyumba za kukodisha watu walale huko.

(If you are a pastor, please don't build a hotel, just put up rentals for people to go sleep there,)”

Finishing up, Pastor James Ng'ang'a revealed he was waiting for a directive from God. Highlighting that he wished God would instruct him to sell the unprofitable establishment to someone else to run or give it out (probably a donation) so that the building can be turned into a hospital.

Ata natamani mungu aniambie niiuze ama nipeane ifanywe hospitali," the preacher who often times refers to himself as Commander shared. 

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