Risper faith shows off her new body after undergoing a gastric sleeve

Socialite, entrepreneur and digital content creator Risper Faith has opened up about the huge lengths she used to go to, to hide the weight she had gained from netizens.

In a new video shared on her Instagram page the former Nairobi Diaries star admitted to even using photo editing apps so as to hide her stomach and appear to have a better waistline with a thick behind.

The socialite also took time to advice those who are struggling to lose weight, encouraging them to get a gastric sleeve as it really helps on limit the amount of food they consume.

She also reminded them to stop idolizing things on social media as everything is not always as it seems.


"Let me tell you something, everything you see on social media is not real. I used to wear waist trainers and photo shop my pictures like crazy so that I look smart and you guys don’t make fun of us, but this is the real deal. This is the behind-the-scenes,” said Risper as she shared a video of her before she lost weight.

In the said video she showed off how she really looked off social media while donning gym pants and a bra as she let her stomach hang lose.

“This is a little motivational video for someone who wants to lose weight. This is me last year, I was eating all sorts of junk food.

If my baby didn't finish his food, I eat it; visitors leave food on their plates, I eat it; food left in the sufuria, I eat.

Socialite and entrepreneur Risper Faith shows off her new body after undergoing gastric sleeve

Every type of junk was getting into my body. I just sat down one day and vowed to change my life,” narrated the brand influencer as she showed off the last year's body.

Finishing up she advised people struggling with overeating and losing weight to look into clinical methods that were guaranteed to help them for years to come.

“I went and got a gastric sleeve, and six months down the line, this is me. I have really changed my life. My behind has reduced, but I am very happy. 

Nowadays, I sleep so well, I am so happy, I am very confident. Even though I have loose skin and stretch marks, I don’t care, I am at my happiest.

If you want to lose weight, please get a gastric sleeve because it is permanent. You will never get fat in your whole life. You will remain young, sweet 16, even though you are 50,” advised the socialite.

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