Kiss FM host Kwambox shared her story of how she advised her friend to "Watch horror movies," arguing it was similar to hitting the gym.

You may have fallen victim to this in the past, even recently, or perhaps you've shared a weight loss solution with someone, only for it to fail to work as expected.

You are not alone. Kwambox shared a weight loss idea on her morning show, but it didn't work for her friend.


"I told this babe, yoh watch horror movies,  because apparently when you watch horror movies it has the same effect as gym you lose weight," she shared.

She continued saying " I think when you watch for like 30 minutes, it's like you lose a bunch of calories. "

From this, Kwambox came up with the idea if you watch for like six hours, "My friend unatoka apo ukiwa slim fit!"


Kwambox continued narrating how the friend called her saying she fell asleep while watching and she's blaming Kwambox for gaining weight.

"Now you have to pay for a gym subscription," Chito said.

Kwambox argued, "Advice is never returned," saying the secret is out. You no longer need to go to the gym, use slim tea, "just watch a bunch of horror movies and you are good to go."

Read some of the comments from listeners who commented below:

MoveMe movers and storageLemon all the best in reducing weight

Rebecca MuchesiaUse lemon, kukimbia, green tea

Maxwell KemboyEti use lemon  na kukimbia lkn wapi

Paul Kosge U people r taking Abt loosing weight,nadai kugain bt invain,may b mnipe recipe plz!

Charley LoggerKushinda njaa