Kwambox and Chito in studio
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"Have you ever run into your former classmate and when you saw them you wonder what happened?"

The great pair of Chito and Kwambox talked about this on the Morning Kiss. Many of Kwambox's former classmates, according to her, have made a significant comeback.

You simply observe them and wonder what transpired.Even one of her former classmates owns a helicopter, but what is shocking about him is not that he owns a helicopter but rather that he was never a serious student in school.


"Umewai angalia mtu ukashindwa what happened?" Kwambox asked.

Chito, "What! did life beat him?"

"No! That person glowed was just fare to him, he even has a chopper," the captain continues.


Chito says that he never knew if he would meet his former classmate until he went to work and someone called him by his high school name. He was shocked to have one of his classmates work just across from him.

"I was just at work as usual when I heard someone call me, from the name that he used to call me I definitely knew that he was from my former high school. Yani, I have been working with my high school classmate all this time," Chito noted. 

I've actually met several of my high school friends, and their reactions to me have been conflicting. several of them make me feel like I'm doing quite well, while others make me wonder how I've been managing.

I am aware that all of you experience comparable or identical reactions to mine."

Here are some of the listeners' responses to the day's topic.

Caller: There is this girl and I am sure that you know her, it is Elsa Majimbo she was my classmate and we never used to talk we just passed each other and that's the same today. we just say hi and it's day.

Caller: My high school classmate is now a radio presenter, mind you she was a notorious individual back in high school, me that was a book warmer nothing happened in my life.

Elvis Mayani@ElvisMayani: Yeah many times but some of my friends have made it in life but hata kutoa kachai joh ngori sana.

121050 CO.@121050KO: Yep. But I Loved every moment of that meeting.