Sheila Kwambox
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As Chito and Kwambox showed during the Morning Kiss at Kiss FM, some ladies would contemplate changing their names, while others might not.

Women sometimes change their last names to their spouses' second names because marriage is regarded as becoming one.

Akothee, a musician, adopted her husband's name and later withdrew it from her status when things started to get out of hand. This brings up the day's question for the ladies;


" Are you planning on changing your surname when you get married?"

Kwambox, who is commenting on the topic of the day, claims that she would only do that if the man was really wealthy.

She goes on to suggest that after having children, people will refer to you as Mrs. (your husband's name), not Mrs. (your husband's name). Therefore, there is no need for you to alter your last name to his.


And it appears that many women are standing by her; after all, I stand by her too.

Not simply changing the name because of riches, in my opinion, but also because of how fancy and distinctive his name is.

There is a name that can be used to describe you and make you feel weak in the knees.

Shockingly, men were asked the same question "They would allow their wives to change their surname to his name" and it goes both directions as the ladies. Some are okay with it while others are not.

Gents like Chito as he states she should because when you get married you become one. While others as a caller said that he is not ready to share their names with their wives.

Here are some of Kenyans' opinions concerning the same;

Caller: We better both change our names if it is a must, he takes my name and I take his name.

Caller; As for me I don't allow my partner to change her name to mine, let my children carry my legacy.

wambuiDan@wambuinyahoro: Been married 4 13yrs n still got my Dad's name on my ID coz that will Neva change he will always be in my life n Dan my hubby is my till death do we part

Carlosian Kheed@KheedCarlosian: On behalf of my babe lazima tuh atabadilisha .ukunda diani am locked.

Mamamish@Mishmaina: Niko sawar majina zingine hukua so embarrassing ukiitwa mbele ya watu ata