Australian architect and model Bianca Censori is the wife to  American rapper Kanye West and has been causing a stir with her fashion sense.

She recently gone braless beneath a sheer top in another jaw-dropping outfit as she headed to Cheesecake Factory with the rapper.

Kanye has been parading Bianca around the world in X-rated looks after secretly tying the knot in December 2022 — just weeks after he finalised his divorce from Kim.


In September 2023,  it was reported that police in Venice were investigating West and Censori over "acts contrary to public decency" after the couple posted photos of themselves on a water taxi.

Kanye's pants were pulled down his behind exposed, and Censori's head was on his lap.

In January 2024, West said on his Instagram account that she would be with "no pants" in 2024, and in February 2024 there were concerns expressed when she was photographed out in public in the nude except for a see-through raincoat.

Bianca Censori
Image: Instagram

Netizens have reacted differently to her style.

Check out some of the comments from fans below:

jimmyelitoKanye is obviously odd and for any woman to be with him, she has to be odd as well. Bianca Censori is equally odd, so she understands and accepts Ye as he is, something Kim Kardashian couldn't

massawejapanni  Hana sense😂

brian_cassper  Fashion let's embrace art and try new wardrobe...and stop wearing cheap clothes that make us look like confused twins in every street

jimmyelito The man is the leader and the woman is the follower

dennis_lashes_guruShe looks like an Ai product 😊

bengonzales55 But feminist husema watu wavae vile wanataka it's their choice 😂don't cook me am just saying 🗿

el_kibichii_tonali She is focusing on Realism, the dark side of the society

mukami___ki Trying to influence ladies to dress like that, we ain't boarding😂😂

dr.steann_promotions Absolute madness😂😂😂.

kenyan.antivirus_  Positively insane 🔥

_kagwanja  Mental!!

timoh_mathias  You mean her nonsense of fashion because they crazy those two.

wawerualex Weird

t.kimulah She looks like she needs to be asked to blink twice if she's being held against her will 😂