Lulu Hassan's major concern when it comes to finances in marriage

Lulu has explained why she will never have s joint Bank account with hubby Rashid Abdalla

Media personality Lulu Hassan

Citizen TV Swahili News Anchor and brand influencer  Lulu Hassan has revealed that she would never have a shared bank account with her husband, fellow media personality Rashid Abdallah.

She also went on to advise other married couples encouraging them to refrain from opening joint accounts irrespective of how long they have been together.

Lulu emphasized that her words should not be misconstrued as an encouragement for lack of transparency in marriages, which she advocates for.

Her advice? It's okay to know how much your partner earns but everyone should keep their own money, in their own accounts.

Speaking about her relationship with Rashid, the prime time news reporter highlighted that her man knows how much she earns and vice versa which helps them from overspending and other vices.

"As for me, anajua how much I earn and I also know how much he earns...

Lulu Hassan with her husband Rashid Abdalla
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Ni vizuriu kujua kwa sababu mwanzo nitajua pesa zako unazitumiaje na that means huwezu tumia pesa zako vibaya ama kuzitumia kule nje na watu wengine," Lulu Hassan candidly said. 

On why she is opposed to joint bank accounts the journalist highlighted she felt it was not conducive to a healthy marital dynamic, especially when both partners are financially independent.

Her exception? Maybe an account you all have set aside for the kids, besides that everyone just as they do their job should manage their money.

"Kushare account I don't advocate for that. Si poa. Why should we share accounts na kila mtu anafanya kazi yake? Labda ya watoto," Lulu said.

Finishing up she noted that she understands not all men and relationships are the same and she is lucky that she fell for a good, disciplined and kind man.

Interestingly, in their marriage Lulu is the one who manages finances as Rashid does not like things to do with money.

"Rashid hapendi mambo ya pesa. Anakuambia deal nayo. Ni mtu mpoa sana by the way.

Labda nimeangukia mtu mzuri. Sote tuko discipline in finances. He doesn't micromanage the money but lets me handle it,"added the news anchor.

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