Prophet Lovy
US-based Kenyan singer Prophet Lovy
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Former Longombas member turned preacher Dr. Lovy L. Elias popularly now known as Prophet Lovy has made a huge comeback into the music industry.

The US-based Kenyan preacher, producer and veteran singer warmed hearts after attributing his comeback to his late twin brother Christian Longomba who passed away 3 yeas ago.

Announcing his comeback Prophet Lovy noted he was honouring his brother's dying wish as well as following a calling from God.


"March 13, 2021, my brother Christian was going home but before that moment he would tell me all the time I needed to go back and do music, he insisted that this was something that God had given me," the Revelation Church International preacher candidly said emphasizing how badly Christian shared he wanted to see his twin pursuing their God given gift.

Prophet Lovy, who has come back with an insane bang which has seen him produce and release not one, not 2 but ten songs in just four day attributed his studio success to an insatiable sense to honour his brother as well as his wife's support and God's guidance. 

Besides working on helping others release their music Lovy has announced he's dipping his feet back in the musical pool as a singer. This will see his  eons long musical hiatus coming to an end.


The US based preacher is set to release his first single dubbed  'Children of Zion,'

Speaking about his decision to go back to singing and producing he said;

"Without the promise to my brother and certainly without God’s approval, I wouldn’t have returned to music. My Father in Heaven, thank you for the opportunity to be creative again,"

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