DJ Joe Mfalme in court
Image: Douglas Okiddy

The police are seeking to have popular disc jockey Joe Mfalme and six others detained for 21 days pending further investigation into the alleged fatal assault of Kabete police station detective Felix Kelian.

The prosecution informed the court of their need for 21 days to gather sufficient evidence before deciding on any charges against the suspects.

This includes recording witness statements, obtaining hospital treatment records, securing CCTV footage from the crime scene, retrieving call data records, and apprehending another suspect who remains at large.

Those brought before the court on Monday include Allan Ochieng, Eric Gathua, Simon Wanjiru, Joseph Mwenda (DJ Joe), officers Khadija Abdi Wako, Sammy Rotich, and Agnes Mogoi.

According to Fredrick Kosen, a police officer attached to DCI Dagoretti, an altercation ensued after the deceased was involved in a minor non-injury accident while driving along Kikuyu road, allegedly hitting a vehicle with five occupants, including Allan, Eric, Simon, DJ Joe, and another individual who is still at large.

Fredrick stated in his affidavit that Allan, Eric, Simon, and DJ Joe beat the deceased following the accident, with officer Abdi allegedly visiting the scene. The officer reportedly found the deceased being assaulted by Allan, Eric, and DJ Joe.

Fredrick further mentioned that the deceased was taken to Kikuyu police station by Allan, Eric, Simon, DJ Joe, and the officer, where he complained of abdominal pain and began urinating blood. Sammy Rotich and Agnes Mogoi, stationed at the police station, witnessed the injuries and bleeding.

Subsequently, the deceased was taken home but his condition worsened, leading to his hospitalization at Nairobi West Hospital. He passed away on March 21 during treatment, prompting investigations and the subsequent arrest of the suspects.

Fredrick referenced a doctor's report indicating the deceased suffered blunt abdominal trauma and traumatic bladder injury, arguing that there is a risk of the suspects interfering with the investigation.

The police proposed detaining Allan at Kabete police station, DJ Joe, Eric, and Simon at Muthangari, and the three officers at Riruta police station.

However, the defense opposed the application, citing the lack of exceptional circumstances warranting the suspects' prolonged detention. They also noted that the doctor's report was not presented in court.

DJ Joe defended himself, expressing his willingness to remain within the court's jurisdiction until the matter is resolved. His advocate argued for bail, highlighting his contractual obligations during the Easter holidays.

The court is expected to make a ruling on the detention application at 4:30 pm.