Robert Nagila at the Requiem Mass
Image: Enos Teche

Robert Nagila, the partner of the late journalist Rita Tinina, has expressed his heartfelt tribute, reflecting on the legacy she has left behind.

Nagila commenced his tribute by tenderly laying flowers in honor of Tinina.

"What is remarkable is Rita established her legacy, just shy of her 46th birthday," he remarked.


He also acknowledged the profound impact of Tinina's passing on numerous lives, evident from the attendance at the memorial service.

Reflecting on the past week, Nagila recounted reading and watching countless tributes celebrating Tinina's remarkable life.

Taking mourners on a journey down memory lane, Nagila reminisced about his first encounter with Tinina.


"When our paths first crossed, your beauty, laughter, and warm heart touched me. But you were also the most stubborn person I ever met," he fondly recalled.

"I shall miss you dearly, Mama Mia."

Nagila emphasized that Tinina's passing has left an irreplaceable void.

"Last Sunday, your phone stopped ringing. Your passing has left a void that cannot be filled. But I am comforted by the memories of time spent that will live on within us," he added.

Rita Tinina
Image: Courtesy

Addressing Mia Malaikah, their daughter, Nagila affirmed that she was deeply cherished by her mother.

"My dearest Mia, your mother loved you more than anything else in this world. You were her best friend, her confidant," he assured her.

"Every single thing she did was centered around you and your future. Know this, you are loved so much, and there is nothing we would not do for you."

Nagila also conveyed Tinina's profound respect for her family, underscoring that family was the cornerstone of her life.

Expressing gratitude, Nagila thanked Tinina's friends and the media fraternity for their warm support toward the family during this difficult time.

As they prepared for Tinina's burial on Wednesday, Nagila urged people to celebrate her life even as they bid her farewell.

"It is my prayer as we travel to Narok, and I say this with a very heavy heart, a final farewell that all we go to celebrate her life," he concluded.

Tinina's burial is scheduled for Wednesday, March 27, in Narok at the family's residence, Noosupeni Farm Olokirikirai.

A death and funeral announcement published by The Star identified Tinina as the beloved daughter of the late Dominic and the late Mary Yiapan.

"She was the mother of Mia Malaikah and the loving partner of Robert Nagila," read the announcement.

"She was also deeply cherished as a sister-in-law of Timothy, Roshen, Belmont, Agnes, and Macharia."

Tinina was a beloved sister of Helen, Irene, Justine, Jedidah, Keen, and Claudia.