Kenyan songstress Nikita Kering nursing injuries after getting hit by a cow

Multi-award-winning songstress Nikita Kering is currently nursing injuries after she got attacked by a cow while trying to show off her "village girl" skills.

In a video that has been trending online the 22-year-old 'Happy With You' crooner could be seen in a farm dressing in oversized blue mom jeans, a black tank top, and black gumboots limping as she winced in pain before the camera shot turned to her in a hospital room lying in bed with her foot bandaged. 

Nikita chose the viral, "Yep, that is me... you are probably wondering how I ended up in this situation," sound to show details of the events that led to her being in the hospital.

According to her video recap, Nikita could be seen calmly trying to milk a cow before things went terribly sideways.

Nikita Kering milking a cow

Seated in a tiny stool next to the cows shed, the songstress embarked on her task at hand but the cow wasn't having it. After a few seconds of milking, the cow could be seen kicking around using its hind legs in a frantic manner forcing Nikita to jump ship and try to scram for safety in the tiny enclosure.

The songstress quickly got off her stool and rushed to hide in a corner in a bid to avoid the cows kicks but sadly the reaction time was a little slow as one of the flying kicks caught her in the leg.


Nikita could be heard whimpering in pain from the intensity of the kick as she tried supporting herself from the shed.

Reacting to the video most netizens asked her to stick to her area of expertise, (singing) while others sympathized with her while congratulating her for trying to be all rounded and giving the village life a shot. 

Others tried offering advice while speculating on things such as "her soft hands" or "her scent and perfume," might have triggered the cow as there is a whole process that goes into the art of milking before one even goes into the shed.