Rumy Alqahtani
Image: Instagram

Saudi Arabia will have its very first contestant for Miss Universe this year, with renowned model Rumy Alqahtani being named as the kingdom's representative for the 2024 international competition.

Alqahtani, born in Riyadh, has already competed in, and won, beauty pageants worldwide, including Miss and Mrs. Global Asian recently in Malaysia.

The 27-year-old model and influencer has been crowned Miss Saudi Arabia, Miss Middle East, Miss Arab World Peace, and Miss Woman (Saudi Arabia), according to Harper's Bazaar Arabia.


Alqahtani will now be the first representative of the kingdom at Miss Universe, the international beauty pageant that has been held since 1952.

Wearing the Miss Universe Saudi Arabia sash, alongside the Saudi flag, Alqahtani announced the news to her 1 million Instagram followers earlier this week, proud to be the first in her country's history.

"I hold in my hands the colors of gratitude and love. And in my heart, thanks and praise to all my friends around the world, for this support that delighted me in gathering social media networks, and I hope that it is with good intentions, and I am happy because I am the first Miss Saudi Arabia to represent my country in international competitions (I love you)," she wrote.


Saudi Arabia is entirely new to the world of fashion and modeling, with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's reforms seeing fashion shows and other forms of entertainment in the kingdom after years of strict social restrictions.

Several other Arab countries, such as Lebanon and Bahrain, have participated in Miss Universe, which differs from its rival, Miss World, in not having a swimsuit segment.

It also has a segment for national costume, where contestants can showcase their traditional attire.

In 2021, Miss Universe took place in Israel, despite calls for boycotts from the BDS movement and Arab activists.