Kamene Goro
Image: Instagram

Former radio presenter Kamene Goro has dismissed recent social media rumours about her being pregnant.

In her Sunday statement, the 32-year-old beauty clarified that numerous reports of pregnancy had emerged due to her walking style.

Videos taken during her birthday celebration a few days ago, showing her struggling to walk, have been the source of these rumours.


"Over the past week, I have seen many comments, rumors about how I was walking on my birthday, and it always comes back to the same old conclusion of not caring that I am pregnant. Guys, I said I wouldn't respond, but I feel I should because these comments are baseless and nonsense," Kamene Goro said via her Instagram page.

While explaining the reason for her walking difficulty, the former radio host highlighted that it was due to the effects of knee surgery she underwent earlier this year.

Kamene discussed the challenging journey of her recovery, noting that she had been using crutches for a long time.


"Remember in January, I had knee surgery that kept me in the hospital for 5 days. I haven't walked for a long time; it's around my birthday when I started trying to walk without my crutches," she said.

She added, "It's a difficult process trying to regain activity and muscle strength in the knee, which is why I walk or walk in a funny way. It's a very tough recovery, to be honest."

Following the recent pregnancy rumours, the wife of Deejay Bonez now urges internet users to conduct thorough research and inquire before drawing conclusions.