Bahati opens up on why he doesn't mind girls twerking on him despite being in a relationship

Image: Instagram

Award winning controversial musician Kevin ‘Bahati’ Kioko has opened up on why he appears to have no issue with girls twerking for him during his shows and concerts.

During a QnA session that he had with his fiancé Diana Marua for her YouTube channel, the father of 5 voiced he saw no issue with girls dancing for him after the topic was brought up.

“How do you feel when you go to shows and there are girls twerking on you while you’re on stage? Is it disrespectful to your wife?” The producer read out a question sent by a curious netizen.


Responding to the question Bahati slyly responded by asking netizens if they would be mad or if they’d count their blessings if they were in his shoes.

“Being twerked for by girls? I don’t want to talk much but would you guys feel bad if you were the ones catching a whine?” The ‘Abebo’ crooner candidly asked redirecting the question.

His wife however was not having it. Diana B moved closer to her husband’s seat staring intently at him awaiting an answer. The expression on her face changing drastically.

Diana Marua with her fiancé Bahati
Image: Instagram

“Can you answer the question please?” Diana told her baby daddy who would not quit playing around.

The two ended up engaging in a sort of heated exchange of words as Diana demanded an answer from Bahati who was unwilling to give a straightforward reply.

In his defence Bahati asked how his wife would feel if she got the same attention all while maintaining he’d like people in the comment section to also give their opinions.

Escalating the situation, Diana cited disrespect reminding her soon to be husband of the numerous of times that he has taken off pieces of clothing such as jackets that she has bought for him and given them to his female fans.

After a lot of back and forth, things still remained unresolved with Bahati refusing to answer the question and Diana sharing her displeasure with her fiancé and his antics.

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