American YouTuber Darren Jason Watkins Jr alias IShowSpeed had a run-in with WWE Superstar Randy Orton that ended with getting him an RKO.

This took place during the Triple Threat match for the United States Championship on Night 2 of WrestleMania 40 on Sunday.

The distraction by Speed was enough for Logan Paul to overcome a tough battle between Orton and Kevin Owens to retain his U.S. title. Speed was dressed as the mascot for Paul's Prime energy drink.


The 19-year-old's showing at WrestleMania 40 came at a price as he was put through a table by 'The Viper' in an incredible moment.

In trademark fashion, the streamer maniacally barked Cristiano Ronaldo's name in the face of Orton, who responded by kicking him over before taking off his Prime suit.

From there, the WWE star lifted Speed on top of a table before performing his signature RKO move.


However, during their interaction, Speed broke a WWE protocol.

He could be heard swearing, and dropping the F-bomb on multiple occasions, which were bleeped out on the broadcast.

Swear words are banned on all WWE shows since they are all rated PG.

IShowSpeed has revealed that  “WWE Is Real”, and exposed his neck injury after taking the RKO.

Orton hit Owens with an RKO and seemed on course to win the match but Paul ran in just in time to send him out so he could hit the frog splash to score the pinfall to defend his title.

Speaking after the match, Triple H hailed Paul's showing in the ring at WrestleMania 40.

"I congratulate Logan Paul on another epic outing," he said.

"You get in the ring with Randy Orton and Kevin Owens, and you put on that kind of performance, whether you walk out as champion or you don't what a performance.