Guardian Angel attributes this main area of concern to most failed relationships

Guardian is married to business lady Esther Musila and the two have faced criticism due to their 20-year age gap

Esther Musila with her hubby Guardian Angel

Gospel artist Guardian Angel is advising people to learn to get into relationships for the right reasons if they want things to work.

The singer noted most people end up dating over superficial things such as physical attractiveness which fades or can be outmatched by other individuals leading to things fizzling out between them and their partner. 

"Sometimes we get into relationships for sex and then it becomes boring at some point because you've already got what you wanted,"  said the artist during a candid conversation he had with wife, Esther Musila on her 'Love Wins' podcast. 

He went on to highlight that is why some people feel like their partners have changed after marriage, but in truth their connection was only skin deep. 

Touching on his widely discussed marriage to business lady Esther Musila due to their 20 years age gap (Esther is in her mid 50's while Guardian is in his early 30's) Guardian used his life as a clear example why people should not listen to unsolicited advise especially when it comes to their marriage and other private dealings.

"For our relationships, we had social media in-laws and some fools who advised us. The reason why I call them fools is that someone would have the confidence to make a judgment that what they are saying is the truth.

One of those fools is a lady who wrote a whole paragraph that I moved into Esther's house in Donholm, a place you have never been. To feel like you can advise someone about something that you don't even know about. Only a fool can do that," Guardian angel stated.

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