Image: Instagram

Rihanna is going viral and prompting mixed reactions after posing in sultry nun attire for her latest magazine cover.

Interview Magazine shared a post revealing Rihanna as the cover star of its latest issue on their official Instagram account.

In the shot, Rihanna poses in a black and white headdress, or coif, typically worn by nuns.


Additionally, she rocked an unbuttoned white top, blue eyeshadow, and sultry red lipstick.

Furthermore, Interview Mag also shared a clip of Rihanna on set posing for the shots.

In the video, the singer clutches her chest area while posing for the shots.


Rihanna reposted on her page and netizens had different reactions to the post.

Most termed it as disrespect to Christianity while some others said, "Rihanna is Christian AND EVEN IF SHE WASN’T get over it. Crybabies."

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bravinyuriHands down, Christianity must be the most tolerant religion. When you see the Devil attack you very often, just know you are doing something right.

hgkv_ I’m muslim but i think this is very disrespectful

only1aray Christianity gets disrespected way too openly

trapselynaLOVE LOVE LOVE!

kuronootokoGirl I’m an ATHEIST even I was like “oh..”

londonoli  Mocking Christianity as usual! Would you mock another religion like Islam? No so why mock Christian’s?

nailz_by_dev I was huge fan this ain’t it sorry

xareah Showing her true colors per usual 💀… this is who she really is behind everything, yes it’s disrespectful but why are we surprised¿ she has coded this agenda in her work multiple times she’s just out the closet with it now

jossescxbarShe’s not really mocking Christians but definitely Catholics

rebeccamaksour CATHOLICS DESERVE MORE RESPECT. What a big disappointment coming from someone who holds so much influence in today’s society. Stop being a bully and create your own image without demonising another! May Jesus forgive you and May God bless your soul! 🙏 💔