American dancer, singer and actress Jojo Siwa
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'Bad girl' Jojo Siwa has come out to fiercely defend herself after netizens attacked her claiming her latest track 'Karma' is a rip-off from Grammy award-winning artist Miley Cyrus and Brit Smith.

JoJo Siwa addressed the rumours suggesting she plagiarized the song asserting that in the realm of music, the concept of theft simply doesn't apply.

"I did not steal anything," started off the 20-year-old former 'Dance Moms' star.


She went on to elaborate on the circumstances that led to her releasing 'Karma' and why she understands why some people might be led to assume she 'stole it'.

"There's no such thing as stealing. What happens is people write songs, and then, they don't do anything with them. Then, a few years later, it makes sense for another artist," Jojo asserted.

Jojo Siwa's new look
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Jojo, who also doubles as a professional dancer and actress went on to point out that 'Karma' was actually an old song but she fell in love with it as soon as she had it because she "knew that it was a special song".


."I was pitched it, I loved it, was obsessed with it, so I grasped onto it. That's a very normal thing.

I knew that it was a special song, I knew that it fit. I knew that it was exactly the vision that I wanted to create for the world. 'Karma' makes you listen, 'Karma' makes you ask, 'Karma' makes you confused. So, whether people like it or not, the marketing plan worked," she added. unapologetically. 

Since its release 9 days ago the song 'Karma' has received over 21 million views, over 187k comments, and  194k likes. 

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