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Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist Rajab Abdul Kahali, commonly known as Harmonize, has found himself in hot water after his controversial remarks linking God to the female gender.

Following these statements, which led many to demand he retract his comments concerning the Islamic God and gender, Islamic religious leaders have now responded by urging all Muslims to boycott all of the artist's musical works until he retracts his statement.

Led by international Islamic lecturer Dr. Sulle, they said that Harmonize's remarks that God is a woman are foolish and described them as a mental and spiritual disaster for Harmonize.


"Boycott all of Harmonize's works because of his blasphemy in supporting the Most High for the blasphemy he has committed, until he asks for forgiveness from Islamic leaders, asks forgiveness from your fellow Muslims worldwide, and asks forgiveness from your God for this statement you have made, because of this statement, according to Islam, Harmonize, if you die, you die as an infidel, and worse if you die, you are not to be buried as a Muslim," Dr. Sulle exclaimed.

Furthermore, Sulle told Harmonize that what he said, that it took 30 years of wracking his brain to realize that God is a woman, is not true because such contemplation began with one religion from the Asian continent.

"These are erroneous thoughts, these thoughts did not start with you, Harmonize, they began with a religion called Shinto, found in the Middle East. And in their temples, they carved female statues."


"To say that the Almighty God is a woman, these are not scholarly thoughts, these are foolish blasphemies, this is foolishness of faith and education that you have, and you need to take time to learn, you are still very ignorant in Religious education," Sulle added.

Harmonize recently sparked a huge controversy online by stating the reasons why he felt God is predominantly female.

"It has taken me 30 years to discover that perhaps God is mostly female," Harmonize began his message.

"I am in line with religious books that say indeed he does not resemble or resemble. But also, in both major factions, we call God Father, why?" Harmonize questioned.