Peter Miracle Baby
Image: Courtesy

Mugithi and Gengetone artist, Peter Miracle Baby, continues to update his fans about his health condition.

Through his Facebook page, Miracle Baby revealed that his health is improving and that for the first time in a long time, he has been able to eat food again.

Miracle Baby and his partner Carol Katrue were taken on a vacation tour to Mombasa by a local tourism company.


While in Mombasa, he posted a photo of himself eating and said that for him, this act felt like a miracle because it has been a while since he could feed himself solid food.

He thanked God for his improving health and said that if he can restore his health and appetite, he can also help anyone else facing similar problems.

"God should remain God for enabling me to eat again and also, He will help you too... And Zunguka Africa Safaris LTD, may you be greatly blessed again for bringing me to Mombasa," he said while thanking the company for taking him to the Coast.


Miracle Baby has been battling illness since early January this year, a condition his partner said was related to his intestinal problems.

After a period of hospitalization, Miracle Baby underwent three surgeries within a month, and recently he said that he really misses being able to go to the bathroom by himself without assistance.

During his birthday celebration, Miracle Baby said he hopes to start going to the bathroom by himself soon because it's something he would like to do for himself rather than being helped, as he currently is due to his illness.

"When I see you people from St Mary's, my heart leaps with joy. My heart leaps because when I see you, I see myself going to the bathroom soon. I miss going to the bathroom, and this is no joke," Miracle Baby said.

"You can reflect on January, I haven't been able to go to the bathroom, but soon I will have my intestines restored in a similar way so that I can go to the bathroom by myself," he added.