Zuchu with Diamond Platnumz
Image: Courtesy

On Tuesday night, a large percentage of Tanzanian artists gathered in the Tanga region, Pangani district, for the Mwenge Vigil.

At the celebratory event, various artists took to the stage to entertain the fans with their favorite songs.

One of the performances that caused a buzz online was when Zuchu and Diamond took to the stage to perform their joint song 'Mtasubiri sana'.


In this song, which serves as a kind of conversation, the two, who have also been rumoured to be lovers, sang alternating lines asking each other questions about their relationship.

Zuchu surprised the crowd with her witty words, asking Diamond if he truly loves her and delving deeper to inquire when Diamond will officially marry her in a Nikkah ceremony.

At the same time, Diamond also sang, asking her the same questions and wanting to know when Zuchu will bear him children.


"Do you love me? When will you marry me? Or are you just using me?" Zuchu asked Diamond.

"Do you love me? Do you trust me? When will you bear me children?" Diamond replied to Zuchu's questions using questions as well.

Following her clever questions, fans at the event were delighted, and they seemed to support Zuchu's question to Diamond about marriage.

They chanted in response, "Marry her! Marry her! Marry her!" as Zuchu tossed money notes to them from the stage.

Despite being lovers, the two have not yet tied the knot, despite rumors from their parents claiming that the two are just playing with the fans' psychology.

Here is the video of Zuchu and Diamond on stage at the Mwenge Vigil, Pangani, Tanga region: