Image: Instagram

Bongo Star, Rajab Abdul Kahali, famously known as Harmonize, seems to deeply regret his recent statements regarding the claim that God is a woman.

The boss of Konde Music Worldwide made these remarks earlier this month, sparking a significant debate on social media, with many appearing to criticize him.

This criticism, which even came from religious leaders, seems to have led the musician to regret his remarks and publicly apologize on Instagram.


"I confess to my God that I slipped up. I am a weak being before Him because I did not receive enough education to know who He is. Like many other humans, undoubtedly, they ask themselves this question!!

My mistake was to make it public. Considering that I am someone closely watched and followed by society," said Harmonize.

The Tanzanian musician went on to discuss how his parents' divorce affected his views and respect for women.


"My compassion for women and following since my birth, I saw a woman playing a very significant role. My father and mother separated when I was two years old because my father married a second wife, that's my religion!

And my father always insisted that he was the one raising me, not my mother. I am very grateful for that, indeed he sacrificed a lot.

I serve him in anything, I love him, I pray for him very much!! But later I came to realize that the one who raised me was my stepmother!!

Subhana Llah, this world is impossible without a woman!! These and other things led me to say everything I said!!

Let me take this opportunity to thank all the religious leaders for providing me with education. Honestly, I am satisfied and it is enough," he said.

The Bongo Flava star continued to lavish praise on religious leaders for the guidance they provided him, their prayers, and the assistance they offered.

He also admitted that God cannot be compared to anyone or anything.

"Pray for me, my brothers and sisters in faith. May God accept my repentance!! I will post every prayer that is made for me to show the world the great love from my religious leaders!! Don't stop supporting me in my music journey," he said.