Guardian Angel and Esther Musila
Image: Instagram

Esther Musila continues to affirm her love for her husband, Guardian Angel, by reminding him at every opportunity how he transformed her after she loved him unconditionally despite many obstacles from some people.

Through Instagram, Musila posted a video of them strolling leisurely, laughing happily.

In the video, she attached a message about how she found herself loving Guardian Angel despite the significant age difference between them.


Musila said that meeting Guardian Angel was a destiny planned by God, but accepting to be his wife was her decision without coercion.

The mother of three confirmed that finding herself immersed in the love of the young gospel musician was something even she doesn't understand because it was beyond her ability to resist.

She praised and thanked him for being an exemplary partner during the over two years since they got married.


"Meeting you was destiny. Being your wife was a choice. But loving you was beyond my control. Thank you for being a great life partner," Esther Musila wrote to Guardian Angel.

Last month, in one of her podcasts on YouTube, Musila opened up about how Guardian has changed her perspective on love and being a wife in marriage.

In her words, Musila admitted that she had never enjoyed her first marriage as much as she does her marriage with Guardian Angel.

Musila said that perhaps this is because she entered marriage at a very young age, which made her unable to find happiness in marriage, stating that now she is happy to be called someone's wife.