Lillian Ng'ang'a.
Image: Instagram

Lillian Nganga has opened up about how she benefitted from deleting all the numbers on her phone about three years ago.

In a brief statement on Instagram, the mother of one son revealed that the challenging decision yielded positive results.

She mentioned that her phone is now filled with contacts of new individuals who are positively impacting her life in various ways.


"Three years ago, I deleted contacts from my phone. Today, my phone is filled with new people who add value to my life in different capacities," Lilian Nganga stated.

Singer Juliani, her husband, used the occasion to encourage people to never fear starting over.

"Lesson: Never let fear dictate. Begin again. It always flourishes!" he remarked.


Lillian Nganga's life has undergone significant changes in the past three years; she got married to singer Julius Owino aka Juliani, welcomed her first child, and even returned to her career.

Around three years ago, the mother of one son announced her separation from former Machakos County governor, Alfred Mutua.

Lillian and Mutua revealed their separation in August 2021, although they had been apart for two months before making it public.

During the announcement of their separation, Governor Mutua pledged that they would remain good friends and stated that he would continue seeking advice from Lillian.

However, Lillian later contradicted Mutua's claims of a good relationship post-separation, stating that there was no such rapport between them.

"I ended my relationship with Alfred Mutua in June last year (2021). Despite Mutua's repeated claims in the past two weeks to the newspapers and online platforms that we are friends and our split was mutual, that's his lie. We haven't communicated since late August," Lillian said.

Lillian asserted that Governor Mutua had refused to move on despite their relationship ending. She alleged that Mutua was deeply affected by the separation and had been making threats to her and those close to her.

"Mutua is deeply affected by our separation. Despite my desire to move forward with my life, he thinks otherwise," Lillian mentioned.

Juliani and Lillian Ng'ang'a tied the knot in February 2022, and they make a great couple. They began dating shortly after her breakup with Alfred Mutua.