One big habit in many people Lillian Ng'ang'a dislikes

The mom of one went on a longish rant expressing her displeasure at the behaviour

Business lady Lillian Nganga
Image: instagram

Entrepreneur, project manager, and events coordinator, Lillian Ng'ang'a has shared her displeasure with humans who are super glued to their phones.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the mother of one shared a recent scenario she encountered that left her with a bitter taste in her mouth.

According to the former Machakos first lady, having your phone out while in the company of other people is just flat-out rude and a sign of disrespect.

"Putting the phone down when out with someone - at lunch, dinner, etc - shows respect for the person," started the author.


She went on to narrate the scenario that had transpired leading her to come online to rant.

"I am seated next to two people and the lady has not put her phone down (for over an hour now). The guy has been talking nonstop with an occasional 'hmm' from the lady!" shared Juliani's wife who was clearly displeased with the whole situation.

Lillian went on to add that the said lady had actually found a way to maximize her phone usage going from holding the phone in her hand to resting it on cutlery on the table so that.


"She's even supported the phone on a glass so she can scroll better (furious angry emoji)," added the entrepreneur who was still in shock over the happenings going on around her.

Do you share Lillian's sentiments or you don't mind even when people use their phones around you?

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