Lillian Ng'ang'a asks trolls to reflect on their lives

Lillian asked trolls if they would be proud if their kids/ parents saw what they use their social media for

Lilian Nganga responds to being trolled yet again for her break up with Alfred Mutua.
Lilian Nganga Lilian Nganga responds to being trolled yet again for her break up with Alfred Mutua.
Image: instagram

Former Machakos First lady, Lilian Ng'ang'a has taken to her Instagram stories to respond to netizens who have been on her case trolling her and her husband over every little thing.

Lilian seemed incredibly triggered by everything going on in her life and how netizens seemed to have an opinion mostly negative about her life and constantly attacked her.

Taking to her social media page, the new mom asked trolls to reflect on their lives asking them if their family members would be proud of them if they ever came across the kind of character they display online.

"Would your child or parent be proud to see your use of social media?" Lilian started.

She then added, " Or would they be embarrassed by all the vulgar and uncouth things you post on other people's pages?" Lilian posed the question clearly still bothered by the drama that has been going around her life.

Just a week ago, the mother of one was dragged into a savage conversation on Twitter mainly because of the child she has with singer Juliani whom she got married to barely a year after a public break-up.

Some compared the two ( Juliani and former governor Alfred) in terms of money and the kind of life the child would have if either was the father while others ruthlessly compared her life with Juliani and how it would be with the now State House comptroller.

In her Instagram story she reacted by posting in a calm tone;

" Just seen some shallow story that y'all are trying to drag me into. Kweli hamchoki, endeleeni tu, let me proceed with my day with my little boy."

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