Kamene and Obinna furious over Gen-Z's phone etiquette

Kamene and Obinna lamented how Gen-Z don't seem to know when to call/ not to call

The duo opened up while discussing how people in the modern day do not keep up to the ethos of using a phone
Obinna with Kamene Goro. The duo opened up while discussing how people in the modern day do not keep up to the ethos of using a phone
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Ever wondered how one can easily manage to reach out at odd hours of the day/night, and still be okay with it? I know the inventors of the mobile phone meant for users to walk with the devices almost everywhere they go, and to make communication easier but not to some levels.

The major problem is that inventors did not come up with the rules and definitions of how one should, and when they should use them. 

As an apology the inventors over time introduced the do not disturb feature that would enable people to keep their peace when they wish not to engage with people, but still wish to enjoy their phones as they please.

Earlier on in the studio, Obinna and Kamene had a hearty conversation as they tried to express their disappointment in how the current generation usually gets to mix up their schedule because they have phones. 

Just imagine being woken up in the middle of the night during the ungodly hours by someone who just wanted to check up on you. Excuse me sir/madam, could your check-up not wait at least for the break of dawn for you to make that call?

"Saa nane usiku Gen-Z anakupigia , 'niaje, I was just calling to say hi', Obinna furiously commented as they started the conversation.

Kamene and Obinna in studio
kAMENE AND OBINNA Kamene and Obinna in studio

"First and foremost, there are particular times that you are supposed to call,"  Kamene boldly reacted to the sentiments made by Obinna. 

"Kama Leo asubuhi, just this morning, just ten minutes past six am., simu ndiyo hiyo,"  she continued imitating sounds made by vibrating phone on the table.

"On principle, everyone knows that six to ten is Kiss time, so do not call me when I am on air, because you are calling me when I am on air, and you are like, 'hi, si unisalimi hewani!' 

That could have been a message to which I could have said no. Why are you calling me when I am working?"  Kamene with rage went on to explain how absurd it is to call someone during their working hours, despite knowing that one is at their place of work.

Obinna on the other hand was quick to react by stating how he did not understand what was wrong with the current generation, which more often just sends a message without even explaining who they are and what they wanted. 

At the very end of this discussion, both were observed to be stunningly pissed at the people who randomly just start a video call, without even preparing the ones on the receiving end of the call.

They went on to advise, their audience to kindly start by informing people before making a video call.

Awkward moments we live in, right?

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