Obinna talks prenup in future relationships

Obinna told his co-host and listeners that the next person he dates is going to have to sign a prenup

reveals that he'll have girlfriends signing prenups in future
Oga Obinna reveals that he'll have girlfriends signing prenups in future
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

During their radio show on Kiss FM Obinna could not hesitate to express his disappointment in his previous relationships as he argued that he would ensure to sign a prenup with his new partner for any relationship that he gets into. "Any person I will be involved with we will sign things before." he stated.

This saw to it that Kamene reacted by laughing. Obinna continued by saying that there would be various terms that would be written down on the prenup. "term number one, tukiwachana unatoka vile ulikuja. Term number two, tukiwachana unatoka vile ulikuja. Term number three, tukiwachana unatoka vile ulikuja." he argued bitterly.

Might this bitterness be something that was fueled by the recent baby mama drama that has been on Obinna's neck for the past week or so? He had previously been seen threatening to go to court on the same issue and thinking of repossessing the gifts that he had bought for his baby mama.


“I'm starting by collecting taking back everything I have bought. EVERYTHING. Watu wabaki vile walipatwa. You have privileges that you are sh!tting on. Let the current man take the mantle. The only thing I'll provide is anything that directly affects my kids,” part of his rant read.

On the other end Kamene could not resist to have a laugh while stating that these are the new generation prenups. "Since we are not yet in a marriage, there are the things that are to be followed in the relationship." she was heard saying.

A relationship contract, with clauses that restrict certain actions.

Kamene and Obinna went ahead to discuss of how Beyoncé and Jay Z had made an airtight prenup, with both agreeing that with the amounts of monies that flow between the two, the prenup is basically a necessity. 


Kamene jokes with stating that she is the only lady a guy is supposed to look at , hug etc. when she is in a relationship with them. "If you call another chick,  that is five thousand bob, if you hug another chick that is another five thousand bob." 

As Obinna tried defending the gents for these actions, , Kamene rebated by asking, "why are you hugging, I am the only chick that you are supposed to be hugging."

Once asked by Obinna how cheap her prenup was, she was of the opinion that since dudes mess up a lot, she’d be scooping around 45K on a daily once they sign the prenup with the dude. 

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