Kevin Kinuthia gets candid about settling down and having kids

Hakuna mtu anfaa kumiuliza mimi ni gender gani...Wewe ile gender unajua I am - Kinuthia

Kelvin Kinuthia
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator and brand influencer Kelvin Kinuthia has opened up on the prospect of settling down and having kids soon.

The 22-year-old while engaging in a Q&A session with his Instagram followers started by asking his followers to refrain from asking him questions about when he was planning/ how he would be getting children noting it was super easy for him.

Kinuthia, who stuns most with his confidence as a cross dresser also highlighted how timing was incredibly important when it came to procreating. 

"Mbona mmeuliza hiyo swali? Si nikitaka tu kuhave kids its very easy. Yes I would really like to have my own kids in the future, when am ready," started off the content creator.

He went on to note some of the signs of him being ready to settle would be him building a house as well as owning more than one car.

"Mkiona nimenunua a collection of three cars and nimejenga nyumba yangu mjue sasa am ready...But it's maybe one or two. Lakini msiniulize aje,"added Kinuthia.

Kevin Kinuthia
Kevin Kinuthia
Image: Kiss FM Studio

Touching on the ever intriguing subject of his sexuality and whether he feels weird dressing up like a girl when everyone addresses hi by his official name which is male oriented, the 22-year-old said he has made peace with his identity.

He argued that girls can also use the name Kinuthia depending on the setting and that is why he does not feel weird about it.

"Huwa sifeel weird because si ni mimi nimeamua na kichwa yangu mzuri nitavaa wig, nitavaa dress na nitoke nje? Why should I feel weird?"

Kitu watu hawahaelewi ni that even a girl can also be called Kinuthia. Could be a sir name ama jina yake ya tatu. Kuna watu wanaitwa na jina ya their fathers. Mi sionangi kiwa big deal because it's a name of a person," the content creator wrote on his Instagram stories.

In a different post he asked people to rest the whole speculation surrounding what he identifies as. Kinuthia emphasized he has no problem being perceived as either a boy or a girl.

"Hakuna mtu anfaa kumiuliza mimi ni gender gani...Wewe ile gender unajua I am, just stick to that usiende kwa ingine," his post read.

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