Watch: Does Gavin get jealous of Africanah? Amber Ray comes clean

Amber Ray is a mother of two

Amber Ray with her son, Gavin

Socialite turned digital content creator and club host Faith Makau better known as Amber Ray has come out to silence haters who've opined her son, Gavin feels jealous of how much his baby sister Africanah is spoiled.

Amber gave birth to her now teen son, Gavin 14 years ago when she was still a teenager, 18 years to be exact. She maintains she was struggling back then and her baby daddy was close to no help.

Fast forward to last year and the now 32-year-old YouTuber was blessed with a healthy baby girl whom she shares with wealthy entrepreneur Kennedy Rapudo.

And the mother of two has gone all out from an extravagant gender reveal party to holding a one-month-old party for the little girl and even a face reveal party! 

Her constantly spoiling the little girl has led some social media users, who feel entitled to having opinions about her family to muse that Gavin feels less appreciated.

Speaking with Mpasho, Amber dispelled these rumours. 

"Gavin was born in... time ya shida, let me say that and Africanah has been born time ya pesa but apart from that Gavin was always very cool, collected, and quite, till today and Africanah is the opposite," started off the socialite. as she touched on how different parenting both kids especially in their toddler stage has been.

The digital content creator went on to add that she had made a vow to herself that she would not have another kid until she was financial secure, comfortable and in a stable relationship as she did not want to face the hardships she had undergone with bringing Gavin up again.

On if her son ever voices his feelings of jealous or displeasure with how much his mom flaunts his step sister and spoils her as opposed to him Amber had this to say;

"Not really, with my son he is my best friend especially because I have gone through thick and thin, he is my best friend and he understands me.

You know boys are hard to impress, so when I get a thing or something I can do for him to make him feel loved I do it. Plus you know, my son is an introvert so he doesn't like all these parties and all.

But he doesn't feel jealous at all, kabisaa kabisaa, we are okay,"

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