Slow internet across East Africa

On Sunday, May 12, 2024, East Africa and parts of West and Southern Africa faced an internet blackout attributed to a major subsea fiber optic cable cut, resulting in widespread internet disruptions.

Internet users across East Africa expressed concerns about poor connectivity, prompting service providers to acknowledge the issue.

Service providers assured users that they were working to restore stable internet connections, implementing redundancy measures to minimize interruptions while awaiting full cable restoration.

Ben Roberts, Liquid Telecom’s group chief technology and innovation officer, reported faults in the Eastern Africa submarine cable system (EASSy) and the Seacom cables, affecting subsea capacity between East Africa and South Africa.

Roberts also noted unrepaired cuts in other key submarine cables in the Red Sea, including Seacom, EIG, and AAE1.

Affected customers sought answers from service providers, with Airtel Kenya and Safaricom in Kenya acknowledging the issue and assuring customers of resolution soon.

Cloud Radar identified similar connectivity issues in Malawi, Mozambique, and Madagascar.

Roberts confirmed that the EASSy cable, running along the East Africa coast, was cut near Durban, South Africa.