Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

Arbantone recently had an event that has exposed cracks in the new genre of music that has been ruling the airwaves in Kenya.

The concert was organized by members who were allegedly not co-founders of the new genre and people raised concerns after noticing that familiar names associated with the genre were missing from the lineup. 

This has brought about some serious confusion among fans. 

According to Kiss FM's Xclusive Arabantone has been functioning in two groups one has been predominantly working with Motifdidon and then there are the others who are the ones who were at the Arbantone festival.

Xclusive added on by commenting the reason as to why Arbantone can’t have everyone under one umbrella and work as one team.

“If we are all doing the same genre of music, then let everybody eat, let there be a form of structure, everyone can still get their own gigs in different places and benefit from the music," Mwalimu Rachel said.

Xclusive said there was a time they tried to book Arbantone artists during the 1824 Thursday night which used to bring artists, to bring them together but some said they can’t perform with Arbantone artists because they are under another label.

Motifdidon reacted to the issue saying; “Theirs is only one Arbantone open to anyone, and we have structures and corporates supporting the movement. Imagine doing a “Omopiano Fest” when Amapiano began.”

“Let’s not spoil a good movement, for once let’s put artists first!”

Arbantone fans all over social media platforms are advising the artists to clear out their differences and work together since they believe they can become a great movement in the industry.

“Arbantone is pure vibes, as long as speakers zinatoa base no wahala.” A fan said.

According to Xclusive fans only want good music so the Arbnatone artists should stop confusing their fans.