Bongo movie actress Aunty Ezekiel gifts daughter new car as she turns 9
Image: courtesy

Popular Bongo Movie actress Aunty Ezekiel pulled all the stops to make her daughter’s birthday so memorable by gifting her a car on her 9th birthday.

Aunty Ezekiel blindfolded her daughter Cookie before unveiling the Toyota vehicle she bought for her.

In the video, Aunty Ezekiel was seen leading her daughter Cookie through a red carpet to a lush field where the red Toyota was hidden.

Once the car was unveiled, the cookie was out of words. She excitedly thanked her mother before seemingly driving it out.

Aunty Ezekiel fans defended her from critics, saying she had all the right to splash money on her daughter as she owes no one an explanation.

Despite some of her fans defending her, some criticized the act by saying it was right to gift her daughter but buying her a car was extremely unnecessary for Cookie’s age.

“But she can’t drive until she reaches 18. The vehicle will depreciate, you should have invested the money for her,” one of the fans commented.

“Raise her well, and she will buy the car herself,” another fan said.

Aunty Ezekiel has appeared in numerous bongo movies, including Siri Sirini, Hard Love Moro, Jungu la Urithi, Same Girl, Unfortunate Love, Mens Day Out, Shoga yangu, Pastor Myamba Temptation, Eyes on me, Young Billionaire, Pigo, Yellow Banana and many other more.

Aunty Ezekiel has really progressed in her career since she started venturing into the media Industry.