Ajib and Sir Mario

Content creator Ajib Gathoni and her counterpart Sir Mario, have been the latest topic in town as rumors spread that they are dating. Mario decided to come out clean and said they were just friends and workmates.

The allegations came in when they were seen hugging each other affectionately during the recently concluded Arbantone Fest.

In a video taken during the festival, Sir Mario was seen suggestively hugging Ajib leading netizens with a lot of questions about whether they were dating or not. However, even as the rumors continued to spread neither of them addressed the issue.

In a recent interview with Kiss FM, Sir Mario came out to address that there is nothing between her and Ajib and that their relationship is based on mutual friendship and business.

“A few months ago, I think December, we realized that we had a great rapport in terms of business. Our flow has always been in sync and we decided to explore new ventures together. We’re both heavily involved in events and other activities outside of our usual domains,” Sir Mario said.

“After discussing our future goals, we felt it was the perfect time to start working together on event planning and management.”

Sir Mario emphasized that their professional relationship had deepened because of their mutual respect and shared ambitions.

Both Ajib and Sir Mario emphasized that their partnership is based on their complementary skills and shared desire to broaden their horizons.

Their professional alliance aims to bring fresh and innovative events to their fans and followers with both having a significant influence on the entertainment scene.