Kwambox and Kerry Martin

On The Morning Kiss Kwambox and Kerry Martin engaged in an interview with Ajib Gathoni and Sir Mario to understand Gengetone.

“For the context of it we are not in beef with anyone, we just did Arbantone honestly, the industry is beginner for everybody,” Mario said.

Ajib went on and asked Kerry what he thought Arbantone was.

In response to Ajibs question Kerry said “Arbantone music to me is a genre I don’t think it belongs to anybody and I feel it’s something that needs to be celebrated by people who love music and it’s like a kind of fission of KE Hiphop with dancehall put together, so that’s what I say Arbantone is.”

According to Ajib that’s the way they took it - a celebration of urban music and they wanted people to celebrate the urban music.

“Even for the event we had legendary musicians like Kina Bien and Bensoul, Mejja they were all happy with how it is now.

"They feel like Arbantone artists are so young and they need a platform, we gave them a platform! Yeah,” Ajib said.

According to Mario, for someone to say they own Arbantone, they are taking a lot from the artists because they need a platform since they want to be seen and heard.

“Ladies thank you for so much for taking your time to clarify, because for us the question we were asking ourselves and I know kina Mwalimu Rachel are asking themselves this question and now you’ve clarified you are not just necessarily doing Arbantone, you got a platform and you saw an opportunity to give this kid a chance to perform and I like what Mario said that nobody should own it,” Kwambox said.