Actor Kevin Maina aka Maina Mind

Kenyan actor and digital content creator Kevin Maina has recently lost half a million followers on TikTok after his account was hacked by unknown people.

In an interview, Kevin narrated how the hackers managed to get access to his account.

“There is an email which I got, which looked like it was from TikTok, design and all, but it was a fake. The email, designed to appear as a legitimate communication from TikTok urged me to verify the account,” Kevin said.

Kevin went on to say the message that was sent to him came as a warning that his account was under threat and promised a blue verification badge as an added incentive for immediate action.

"They sent the link which directed me to a website that looked like TikTok template and immediately I tried to log in to my account through that site, which was dubbed ‘TikTok Creator Market’, weird things started happening," Kevin said.

The moment Maina tried to log in with his credentials on the fake site, he was promptly logged out of his account and the hackers went on tampering with his profile details.

The hackers posted various links on the account which led to his account being banned from the TikTok space.

The hackers later on demanded a ransom from Maina if he really wanted his account back. 

This situation made maina so frustrated since it tampered with his online presence and professional activities.

“It’s a shocker because that account had grown to almost 500,000 followers, so right now we are trying to get in touch with TikTok, I have forgotten some contacts and written some emails trying to see if we can resolve the matter. I am confident that if I can reach them, then they will be able to help,” Maina said.

TikTok being Maina’s biggest platform where he advertises his business and promotes his upcoming shows losing his account completely will make him go back to the drawing board.

At the moment Maina’s account already has a new user with a language setting of Turkish but the profile name is still unchanged.

Maina issued a stern warning to other TikTok users with a large audience to be on the lookout so as to avoid such a thing from happening to them too.