Ezekiel Mutua

Chief Executive Officer of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya Ezekiel Mutua has shared his excitement on his socials after he received his first Tiktok earnings.

On Tuesday evening Mutua could no longer hide his excitement from the public.

He shared his achievements saying it was all a result of clean content.

“At exactly 10:20 pm today, I made my first withdrawal from TikTok through my PayPal account. The journey towards sanitizing TikTok through clean content has begun in earnest, Mutua said.

“I hope to serve as an example that content doesn’t have to be dirty to sell. One day I will post a million here through clean and useful content on TikTok!”

This announcement came after a recent meeting Mutua had with controversial preacher Kanyari, addressing Kanyari’s misconduct on the platform.



“Pastor Kanyari has disgraced the church. The unfortunate incidents of inappropriate conduct online in the last few weeks must be condemned. If pastors continue this drama for clout chasing, there’s no telling how far this can go," Mutua criticized.

However, on 24th May, Mutua met with pastor Kanyari and other TikTok influencers to discuss how Kanyari could positively influence the platform.

Mutua went on and said he would use Kanyari’s story to mentor Kenyan youths who use TikTok for inappropriate content.

Mutua stated that while he does not condone blasphemy or misconduct, there is a need for a genuine conversation to help the youth who face real challenges, including depression and substance abuse.

In a symbolic ceremony, Mutua declared Pastor Kanyari thePresident of TikTok”.

Holding a bible, Kanyari pledged, ”I swear that I will not mislead them or disgrace the name of God. I will uphold dignity, integrity, and responsibility and work together with TikTokers and all the youth on this platform to build them. So help me God.”