Dem wa Facebook

Comedian Dem Wa Facebook has finally revealed her bride price as she invites potential partners who woo her.

According to her, she only needs a man to part with at least two million and six cows to seek her hand in marriage.

The statement and the figure elicited mixed reactions after telling her future husband to be ready to pay the price to have her as a wife.

“I want Ksh 2 million for dowry and six cows,” Dem wa Facebook said.

At the same time, Dem wa Facebook and Obinna have been referring to each other with Sweet lovey-dovey names.

The two have been joking about being lovers and now fans are pushing the date in real life.

Obinna is currently Dema Wa Facebook's boss as they do work together. She also revealed that Obinna means the world to her.

During Afrikana’s birthday, Obinna jokingly referred to Dem wa Facebook as his wife, as he was delivering his speech.

He even brought her a gift as well alongside which he brought for Amber Ray.

Dem wa Facebook

During Afrikana’s birthday party, Dem wa Facebook became the guest of the day after cracking hilarious jokes that lighted up the moment - making her trend for days.

She was classy and elegantly dressed, she was actually on point as per the theme of the party.

“Amber Ray bought me the dress. We met before the birthday and she told me they had decided to invite me, I paid Ksh 3000 for my makeup,” she said.

Dem Wa Facebook couldn’t hide her excitement and she literally showered Amber Ray and Rapudo with praises saying she loves them a lot. She termed Amber Ray as the only genuine celebrity.

Netizens have always wished the two to have a romantic relationship.

In an interview with TUKO, she said she won’t move out from Kayole where she currently lives despite having upgraded her life to a whole new level.