Njambi Koikai

Famous TV and radio personality Mary Njambi Koikai aka Jahmby Koikai has sadly passed away after a long battle with Endometriosis.

Njambi was born and raised in Dagoretti, Nairobi by a single mother and her grandmother.

She was an advocate of reggae music and rasta culture until her demise.

She was fondly referred to by her legion of fans as the Queen of reggae due to her passion for this genre of music.

Njambi has inspired many not only her strength and determination to fight endometriosis until her demise.

Njambi usually narrated her story both on TV and through her social media pages. A story that touched the hearts of many and also brought awareness about endometriosis.


Njambi was raised by her mother and grandmother throughout her life as a kid.

They stood by her and helped her and her sister to navigate through life. Njambi’s grandmother later passed away on 18th March 2016.

Which made Njambi hail her mother for being strong and always there for her.

“I think my mother is the strongest woman on earth. Her mother had pancreatic cancer stage 4 while I was in hospital undergoing surgeries for a condition we knew nothing about. She’s had to take care of us and herself,” Njambi shared on her socials.

Njambi then vowed that she would stay strong for her mum and sister.

Sad! Media personality Jahmby Koikai is dead


Endometriosis became a pain on the neck hence making studying difficult for her to the point she no longer knew what she really wanted in life hence all the frustrations turned her to be very rebellious.

She was expelled from four schools but it was in her last school that she found a mentor.

Njambi failed her O-levels and had to re-sit the exams and it was the same case in her A-levels.

Njambi attended the United States International University (USIU) where she pursued a degree in International Relations.

Finishing the degree was not easy as it took her eight years. She had to struggle to complete her studies amidst a lot of health complications and at one point gave up to pursue her career.


The talented media personality has been in the showbiz industry for quite some time. She garnered fame while hosting reggae shows in the pioneer urban radio Metro FM and also QFM which was under the Nation Media group.

After being away for a while Njambi made a comeback in February 2020 where so performed at KICC.

The reggae queen revealed that she was performing with one and a half sets of lungs, with the entire half of her lungs totally collapsed.

She also organized gigs through her Street Empire Entertainment Company.


Njambi's battle with endometriosis significantly impacted her life, causing painful cramps, educational setbacks, and multiple surgeries.

She used her platform to raise awareness about the condition, sharing her experiences and struggles publicly.

After a media hiatus, she returned to host the “Trace Na Doba” show on Trace Radio.

Njambi has battled endometriosis till her last breath after confirmation of her demise earlier on today.

Jahmby Koikai

Facts about reggae MC Jahmby Koikai

(Died at the Nairobi hospital on Monday at around 9 pm)

Real name: Mary Jahmby Koikai aka Fyah Mummah Jahmby

Age: 38

Born and raised in Dagoretti, Nairobi

Pursed a degree course at USIU

Raised by a single mother and her grandmother

Her grandmother died of pancreatic cancer in 2016

Battled Endometriosis from the age of 13

Gained fame hosting reggae shows on Metro FM and QFM

Unsuccessfully vied for the Dagoretti MP Seat in 2022

Underwent 21 surgeries to cure Endometriosis over the years

Her last surgery was in the United States of America (2018)