Jahmby Koikai, Senjee and Janet Mbugua

Endometriosis is a disorder that affects the uterus whereby tissues similar to the lining of the uterus grow outside the uterus.

Endometriosis can start during the first menses and last till the menopause stage in a woman.

The cause of endometriosis still remains unknown and also prevention measures are still not known to date.

Endometriosis causes severe pain in the pelvis to the extent that women who are affected feel pain during sex or when going to the bathroom.

The disorder lowers the quality of life due to severe pain, especially during menses and also matters involving infertility. 

Societal stigma concerning menses makes victims fear coming out and speaking about it.

Though treatment is not known, some medications relieve the pain depending on the intensity of the symptoms, or rather one would opt to go for surgery to get rid of the growth in the uterus. Endometriosis can go the extra mile to make someone unable to conceive.

Medications such as gonadoliberin hormone analogues help reduce pain.

 Some contraceptives such as pills, IUD, and vagina rings help too. However, these contraceptive measures are not suitable for women who are looking forward to getting pregnant.

To get deep into slightly resolving the situation, surgery is sometimes used to remove the lesions, adhesions, and scar tissues of endometriosis.

“This is also the reason I’m always in and out of hospital because I’m suffering from endometriosis. 14 years now still fighting for my life every month. All thanks to God, my mum and my amazing doctor Mr Mwinga, he is a hero walai, not forgetting my amazing nurse @tricia_patra.” Natalie Githinji said on her tiktok page.

“To all ladies fighting endo, mahn I feel you, see you, we are strong and let’s keep fighting. We are here for a reason, a long time and as an inspiration to many. Kitaturamba kila mwezi but we are great warriors imagine…..”

Kenyan celebrities who have opened up on battling Endometriosis are Janet Mbugua, Jahmby Koikai, Senjee, and Natalie Githinji.