Comedian/digital content creator Oga Obinna
Image: KISS FM

Former Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna finally turns 34 years old today and he has termed it as a great milestone in his life since he is living his dream of being in the media space and being able to be his own boss.

In an interview she had with Ciku Muchiri on Obinna show live he disclosed that he took himself on a vacation for three days earlier this month as a birthday gift to himself.

He noted that he could not manage to celebrate his birthday today due to his tight schedule.

Oga Obinna portrayed himself as a very hardworking man after he disclosed that he runs his show from 6 pm to 2 am.

He said that many people might fail to do what he does especially operate for long hours if they were in his position.

Obinna also said that he is so addicted to his work that when he is on his off days he feels as if he is lacking something.

Oga Obinna’s journey hasn’t been a silver platter as he disclosed that he has faced a lot of rejection in his life.

However, he has always lived to prove a point which he named it “The imposter syndrome” and to him, that is what has made him thrive and be successful.


The father of four also has been used as a perfect description of a responsible and caring father that anyone could ever wish for.

He is always seen having open and fun conversations with his kids without criticizing them for speaking their minds out which is so rare in African homes.

Obinna’s story has also been used to inspire single fathers to keep on providing for their kids and taking full responsibility despite having issues with their baby mamas.

He has also been used to inspire young men that the background you come from or your past doesn’t determine your future.