Diana Marua

Kenyan musician Kevin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua launched their reality show dubbed “The Bahati Empire” yesterday at Westwood Hotel.

The reality show revolves around Bahati and his family and the official premiere of the reality show will take place on Netflix as of today.

During the event, quite several celebrities gave their congratulatory speeches to the Bahati’s and finally, the woman of the hour Diana Bahati gave her speech.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, mko poa, mko fiti wow, I have a lot to say but first of all before I get into it, I would like to appreciate the presence of our chief guest His Excellency the Deputy President of the Kenyan Republic Honorable Rigathi Gachagua, am still pinching myself I can’t believe that you honored our invite just two days ago and this is very overwhelming,” Diana said.

Diana went on and said that she had a lot to say and had to write everything down so that she didn’t miss any points.

“This has been a journey it hasn’t been easy, I remember like it was yesterday last year in February my husband and I sat down and we said we’ve done reality before and we were the first people in Kenya to do reality show on national television and we did three seasons it was called “Being Bahati” and then later on we did Bahati reality and it was a massive success until covid came,” Diana explained.

“Three years later, four years later we sat down and decided let’s go back on TV, let’s do it bigger and greater and I can say God has been faithful, we sat down one Thursday night and we started putting down what this show will all be about.”

Diana flashbacked that there was a time they sat down at 5 P.m. till 3 AM since they were so passionate about writing what the show was to entail. 

Diana went further and explained that creating a show that exposes your life to the world from all dimension is not easy since they faced a lot of criticism and positively they also received love from their fans.

She revealed that she is so proud of her family because they have been so real about everything they showcased at reality shows since they have become an inspiration to a lot of people out here.

According to her, some of their fans to some extent didn’t believe that they were going through similar struggles as them since they are celebrities.

“Keeping a marriage in the public eye is not easy, there is a lot that goes on and I just want to thank my husband Bahati, I want to thank you very much, there is a lot that has been said about me and a lot of things that have been said about me are not anything much to take home, they are not positive things but you really stood up for me,” Diana explained.

“I love you for the fact that when you come home you are not Bahati the celebrity that people know you, you come back, you are my husband, you are the father to my kids, you are my pillar, my anchor, and my best friend and I want to thank you for that.”

Diana gashed her husband with praises for always being there for her and giving her a shoulder to lean on.

She confessed that she is living her dream of being able to come up with a reality show and also the show being aired on Netflix was a big plus for them. She also thanked all the guests for turning up to the event.