Star Chebet offers life update following her intriguing trip to Nakuru

Esther Chebet

Veteran actress turned content creator and comedian Esther 'Star' Chebet has issued an update confirming she is doing fine and truly thankful for all those who had taken time to check up on her.

Sharing on her Instagram page the former Real Housewives of Kawangware cast member posted a throw back photo of herself when she was a little baby.

In the photo, baby Chebet could be seen dressed in a white frill dress paired with a purple woolen sweater paired with white socks and white sneakers.


Captioning the post, the actress referring to herself in third party wrote, "Good morning beautiful people, Chebet is doing well 🙏 🙏 🙏,"

She went on to add that at the moment she was still trying to process everything she was going through.

"Thank you for your concerns, kind words, prayers and encouragement. I'm currently doing well and still trying to understand what lessons I was meant to pick through that whole experience," part of her lengthy post read.


Finishing up Chebet maintained she was going through a spiritual awakening and soon as everything passed she would be back to share her experience and lessons with the general public.


"We are in spiritual times and for some of us going through awakenings, tunaamshwa kwa fujo. When God calls, anaweza tumia kila kitu including your fears and insecurities to show you truth na anaweza tumia watu wengine kama kioo chako...

I'll be back to share my lessons. A lot has been hidden in plain site. Peace🙏♥️#grand rising #the veil is lifting #love over fear," the last of her post read.

7 months ago, Star revealed she has been battling mental illnesses topped with anxiety and a lot of insecurities which had seen her get admitted in a mental health facility earlier last year.

She attributed some of her depression to the passing of her mother who had been unwell from 2010 till 2022 when she sadly passed away due to a kidney injury. 

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