Ronoh highlights biggest lesson she has learned after massive health scare

Digital content creator Chebet Ronoh
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Deborah Chebet Ronoh has shared a medical scare that she recently had that had her rethinking her decisions and turning into social media to advise fellow health and nutrition enthusiast who self medicate.

The 23-year-old influencer took to her Instagram stories to urge her followers and other netizens to learn to consult with certified doctors or nutritionists whenever they want to jump into any health trend as some of these fads have severe consequences.

According to Chebet Ronoh, she randomly started taking vitamins because... they are just vitamins! Little did she know she was slowly degrading her body's systems.

Following a visit to the hospital after she started experiences symptoms such as; swelling in her throat, metallic taste in her mouth, and a few others the commediane took to her socials to address the issue and advice others as she had been a big advocate of vitamins.

"I know I have advocated and posted about taking vitamins but PLEASE I'm

begging!!! Consult first with a doctor/nutritionist before taking any!!!" Started off Ronoh.

Digital content creator Chebet Ronoh
Image: Instagram

She went on to add that due to her lack of research she was now paying for her mistakes heavily, not only financially but with her time as well as she worked on reversing the effects the supplements she had been taking had on her body.

"I had been on a specific supplement that I am paying dearly with time and money to reverse the effects, be smart about your health, anyways all love and happiness.

Please always consult before taking supplements/vitamins. Warning you all again!!!" The last of her post read.

In a different post, now on her page she posted a video talking about how she almost lost her life due to the supplements she had been taking.

"I have learned to actually start doing my research when it comes to things before doing anything.

So I had been taking some seaweed supplements that are high in iodine and when I was buying them alone, because I am obsessed with vitamins I saw on the back, "nerve function," and I was like that is going to calm my nervous system?

Cool give me some of that and guys if I had not gone to the hospital in time I would have been calmed down for life!" Narrated the YouTube content creator.

According to Ronoh, she called her doctor friend narrating her symptoms and she advised her to quickly rush to the hospital for a iodine cleanse which saw her be on drip for a while.

Finishing up she added that she had a few other cleanses scheduled before she could fully go back to her normal.

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