A Gen Z preaching in a matatu

A Gen Z woman has surprised many with a viral video of her preaching in a matatu, a rarity among her generation, as many are often hesitant to declare their faith openly.

In the video, she boldly delivered a message to the passengers, stating that Jesus is the sole path to salvation and urging them to adhere to God's commandments and avoid evil deeds.

"John chapter 14:6 states that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light, and no one reaches the Father except through Him. Without Jesus, no one can enter heaven. When He returns, He will only take the children of God. How does one become a child of God? By having your spirit bear witness with the Spirit of God," she preached.

"You cannot possess the Holy Spirit without Jesus. Therefore, you must accept Jesus to receive the Holy Spirit."

The woman presented a significant challenge to Generation Z, as many of them perceive being saved as outdated and uncool.

Generation Z is often seen as worldly and rebellious, with a tendency to be arrogant about matters related to the church, leading them astray until they turn to God in times of difficulty.

However, some still offer hope by launching campaigns to bring the lost generation back to God, preaching on the streets and stressing that a fulfilling life is one centered on God's grace and favor.

The video of the woman preaching sparked diverse reactions among internet users, with some expressing optimism that the younger generation is beginning to actively seek to bring others to Christ.