Ken Ring
Image: Instagram

Swedish rapper Ken Ring has announced the opening of a new music studio in Diani, which is now ready to serve anyone looking to record their songs. Ken Ring, who has Kenyan ties through his mother, has been making quiet moves in the region. He initially started with MASA music, an outfit that has been producing for Johnny Vigeti, and is now set to create music through his own record label, Duara Music.

“It’s a bit like a boy’s dream,” he wrote on his Facebook account. “Maybe building the boldest studio in East Africa if you talk about signals and frequencies. Sometimes things take time, but within two weeks my dream is coming true! The first three pictures are from today, the last is the plan we made for the studio,” Ken Ring said. “Starting this with my own label in Africa, @duaramusic, is really one of the last things in my bucket list in life.”

Ken Ring, who recently turned 45, is set to retire from rapping after making his final record in Sweden. He will now focus on music production, a passion he has always had, and has big plans for the African market. Ken believes the current market is ripe for bigger commercialization, with new technology driving the demand for music higher in the region.

“I’m going to Sweden to enjoy the summer with the children and record the last track on the album with Viktor,” Ken Ring said in a post. “Then I’ll take the first step towards taking over Africa’s music industry. Today, Kenya is where Sweden was like 15 years ago. Streaming has just arrived here, and every day I see someone who just got Spotify. Over 200 million people speak Swahili. Music always wins and that’s something I can truly do.”

Ken expressed that this is just the beginning of his career and thanked everyone who has helped him reach this point. Duara Music recently tested the waters by releasing “Broski,” featuring Johnny Vigeti alongside fellow rapper Elai. The music was produced by Swedish producer Victor Ax, who has worked with international acts like Sean Price, D12, Mavado, and Saigon.